“Mad Men” star Christina Hendricks has always been known for her curvy, voluptuous figure, however she never knew how many people admired her for it. In a recent interview in the July/August issue of Health magazine, Hendricks seemed surprised that many women desired her body type.

“Really? They don’t say Jessica Alba? ‘Cause that’s what I say! [Laughs.] It’s such a compliment, because of all those times I had agents who were like, ‘You have to lose some weight,’ and all of a sudden, people are celebrating it. It’s like: ‘Oh, thank you! Thank you for letting me be me,'” Hendricks said when she was told most women favor her body image.

Christina also spoke on what she does to stay in shape.

“I get kind of bored on the treadmill, but I do it. And I do a little bit of weight training. I’m really into the BOSU ball. You have to balance on it, and I do weights and squats on it. I’m pretty good at it, I feel sort of like a Karate Kid.”

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