Some more details regarding Kendra Wilkinson‘s soon-to-be-released sex tape have emerged! It’s now being said that Kendra will be paid an impressive $680,000 UP FRONT for the explicit flick, which will be distributed by Vivid Entertainment. In addition, the former Playboy Playmate will receive up to 50 percent of sales once it has been released to the masses. Sources say the first check will be sent out this week.

But boy oh boy, that’s not even the jist of the new ish going on with this here sex tape.

The NEW NEW word is that there will be many more Kendra sex tapes to come!

Sources close to Radar Online confirmed that Kendra’s ex boyfriend Justin Frye sold as many as 20 tapes and hours and hours of content. Frye is pretty much behind the entire ordeal and received $100,000 for selling the tapes to Vivid, who will release several money-making sequals to the Kendra Exposed DVD, which will be released sometime this week. And in addition to his first pay-out, he, much like Kendra, will get a percentage of sales, though much smaller and the numbers will vary depending on the level of sales.

But that’s not all either!

Over the course of Kendra and Justin’s nearly 5-year relationship, he had a camera and accompanying stripper pole set up in their bedroom and recorded Kendra (with her permission, of course) doing all kind of wild, kinky things … including her having sex with other women!

In one video, Kendra’s co-star is a woman named Taryn. has also viewed still images reportedly taken from another scene, which shows Kendra straddling another woman, who is wearing skimpy lingerie. “There are hours of tape and it’s all high quality, too,” one source told “Justin was more than an amateur cameraman. He had experience filming street biking and this is some of the gnarliest tape footage in terms of quality that anybody has ever seen, ever.”

Vivid also claims that Kendra’s sex tape has the absolute highest number of presales over ANY celebrity sex tapes they’ve distributed over the years, including Kim Kardashian‘s sex tape with Ray J and Paris Hilton‘s “1 Night in Paris” flick, which sold over 1 million copies.

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