VIDEO: Repo Men Trailer

Imagine a near future where limbs aren’t the only things that can be replaced on the human body. In a time where a life of abuse and mistreatment  can be redone by simply signing on the dotted line, two men Remy (Jude Law) and Jake (Forest Whitaker) work a job that gives getting our hands dirty a new meaning. Prosthetic liver retrieval or repo if you will, so don’t make the payment on that $756,000 organ if you want to. They won’t just come give you a warning, their leaving with their property…ouch!

Two outlaws, serving justice one mechanical liver at a time, long time friends Remy and Jake had finally reached success in their lives making good money, thought it wasn’t the dream job they were happy with their place in life so far. But just when it all seemed too good to be true, an unforeseen accident puts one of the lone rangers in a compromising position. As it goes in the wild the wounded predator becomes the prey, the hunter turns into the hunted and in this case the doctor becomes the patient. Now on the run from what he used to be, the Repo Man has to fight to keep his life from being repo’d.

Repo Men hits theaters April 2, 2010. Be sure to check it out.


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