The Shures

Our next music act for our YouTube Friday feature is The Shures! The group consists of three members: Ashley Burns, 23, from West Virginia, Gabriel Cabrera, 24, from Sydney, Australia, and Chris Kennedy, 22, from Milton Keynes, UK. For a group with a pretty good blend of “close-knit” harmonies, you would never believe that all three members have never met each other in person, though they hope to one day.

The trio met over two years ago on a music networking site and fell in love with each other’s voices. The group formed when group member Ashley brought up the idea of creating an online album to her two friends and from there, the online band concept was born. They entered an online competition but when they needed to enter a name, they noticed they were nameless. Gabriel Cabrera came up with “The Shures” and they decided all to run with it.

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GOT: Since you three haven’t met each other, how hard or how easy is it to produce and record the songs you have on YouTube? What are the steps for this process?

The Shures: It was very hard when we first started out, however now we’ve been doing it for a year, we’ve found ways to cut corners, and now it hardly takes any time at all. The longest process is probably the video editing!

GOT: How did you get introduced to music? Did each of you grow up singing or was it something you discovered later in life?

The Shures: We all pretty much grew up singing, and just developed our love for it as we got older.

GOT: If you could compare yourself to one artist, who would it be and why?

The Shures: We get asked this a lot, and its such a tough one to respond to. We don’t really compare ourselves to anyone in particular. We all have individual influences that have perhaps helped mold us into the singers that we are today, but when it comes to comparisons none of us can actually define a single artist/act!

GOT: Have you written any songs of your own? If so, where can they be heard?

The Shures: We have written several original songs… 2 can be heard on YouTube: “Poppin Fresh” and “Uh Oh.” However, the rerecorded version of “Uh Oh” will soon be up on iTunes available for download!

GOT: What would you say have been your biggest accomplishments since entering the music scene?

The Shures: Our biggest accomplishments to date are being featured on YouTube, working with Nick Pitera, working with Traphik and being contracted by several record labels and promotion companies. Our favourite though is gaining the amazing fans we have so far. They are what keep us driving and pushing forward!

GOT: Have you heard from any of the artists of the songs you have covered on YouTube?

The Shures: Not really… I think there are so many covers on youtube, the artists would have a job sitting through and listening to every single one! However, Esmee Denters got in touch with us and thanked us for singing her song. She also told us that our concept is amazing and wished us luck.

GOT: How hard has it been for you to get yourself out there and noticed? Have you heard from labels yet?

The Shures: Yes we have. Several labels have shown interest in us, however we’re still checking out the options.

GOT: If you could collaborate with one male artist and one female artist, who would they be? Why?

The Shures: Timbaland – we respect his work so much, and love his sound.

Missy Elliot – because Missy’s production is amazing, all learned from Timbaland himself!

Make sure to check out The Shures’ YouTube page and their Twitter.

By: Kenni Nwajagu
Contributing Editor for Gossip On This

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