Guess Who?!: Rapper at a Pay-Phone in Midtown Manhattan

What rapper was spotted by the paparazzi talking on a cell phone and a pay-phone at the same time in New York City’s Midtown Manhattan district Tuesday afternoon (Aug 4)? Hint: He used to be a part of a record label that was really poppin’ in the late 1990s!


Mason Betha aka Mase spotted in Manhattan, New York City (August 4th 2009)

The rapper turned preacher, who later went back to rapping, was spotted in Midtown Manhattan, New York City Tuesday afternoon (Aug 4) apparently handling some business. Word is he was in the area trying to negotiate a new recording contract with his former label, Bad Boy Records. We think dude really needs to pick what he wants to do. Does he want to preach … or does he want to rap? Because this whole straddling the fence thing and going back and forth just isn’t working. He really needs to make up his dayum mind!


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