Rapper N.O.R.E. // Blogger Perez Hilton

Last month after Perez Hilton was assaulted by the Black Eyed Peas manager’ for calling Will.i.Am a f*ggot, the notorious blogger took to his site crying and dissing Fergie, Will.i.Am, and their manager Polo Molina. In a later interview, Hilton stated that he initially wanted to call Will.i.Am the n-word (and no, we’re not talking about “nutcase”) but instead, decided to use the anti-gay slur because he felt it would anger the singer even more.

Now, emcee N.O.R.E. has reacted to Hilton’s wanting to use the racial slur:

“To be perfectly honest with you, I was appalled,” Nore said. “I was real upset he could admit that. At the end of the day, we have a black president. We’re moving on in this world…And the fact is, we still deal with that regular racism that’s going on…I respect gay people, I hate f*ggots. This guy is a f*ggot. And the difference is, a f*ggot is a person who hates everyone else who isn’t gay. A gay person is a person who is just happy to be gay. So when he has the audacity to admit that he wants to use the n-word, it was just like the most disrespectful thing in the world. Because even for him thinking like that, thinking to say that, he shouldn’t have even admitted to that. At the end of the day man, this sh*t needs to be addressed.”


We understand where he was trying to get with this statement but parts of this just sound plain ignorant…

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