Pixar's "Up" screenshot

Words by: Dwayne Gross

Ever since I was a young child Pixar has made a lasting impression with each of their animated masterpieces, so its no surprise that UP exceeded the award winning standards that Pixar’s delivered film and film again.

This time around Pixar not only managed to take the audience on a ride full of emotion, humor and visual amazement, they did it in 3-D. Equip with a ticket stub and a pair of 3-D glasses both adult and child alike experienced the wonders of the South American terrain, the heartache in an old mans tale, the innocence of a child’s ambition, the predictable mind of a dog and the excitement of an epic adventure.

Pixar's "Up" screenshot

The adventure begins with the life of  Carl Fredricksen, a 78 year young man with a heart thriving full of adventure. Along with his childhood companion turned wife Ellie they devoted their life of happiness to finding their South American  promise land Paradise Falls. But soon the burdens of life began to bear down the two lovers with adventure pumping through their veins. The days grew shorter and time moved faster and before they knew it a life time had passed them by, old age set in and Carl was forced to live out his days alone with only the lasting memory of Ellie  and her unfilled scrap book dedicated to adventure, their colorful home and the need to pursuit ones childhood dream during their final years.

Pixar's "Up" screenshot

Carl’s adventure first begins in his later years, after being anchored by the burdens of life Carl is living the rest of his days in the slow lane unwilling to adjust to the fast pace of the common era. Faced with the difficult decision of giving into the new generations expectations or living the dreams they he once shared with the love of his life, Carl transforms his house into a air ship with its primary lift supplied by a colossal number of balloons and sets off to find Paradise Falls. Rendered with eye popping 3-D effects the home turned air ship drifted across the screen as the audience watched with amazement, hands down this was some of the best animation work that I’ve ever experienced.

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