Ever heard of the saying, “Believe some of what you see, and none of what you hear?” Tomorrow, November 4th 2008, will possibly be the most important day in the history of the United States of America. We have the possibility of not only getting a black man in the oval office, but we have the possibility of getting a GREAT man in the oval office, and people are scared. We can’t let them take our vote though! You have to cross your t’s and dot your i’s tomorrow when you step into the polls. You have to make sure your vote is counted. Check, double check, triple check, QUADRUPLE CHECK! If it takes you 5 minutes to make sure your vote goes through, then so be it. Those 5 minutes of your life will probably be one of the most important 5 minutes you’ll ever experience. We can’t afford to let McLAME and that Sarah Palin loser have this. We just can’t.

Barack Obama is leading the polls, and just about every major news network has him as the projected winner. But that dream can only become a reality if you go out and VOTE! I’ve seen people camp out for concert tickets, iPhones, Nintendo Wiis, and other things. So what’s the difference? If you have to get up at 6 AM and camp out in front of your polling location, then so be it. DO IT!

And no matter what you see on fliers, or hear on the telephone, TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY FOR YOU TO VOTE! If you haven’t had the opportunity to participate in early vote, then you must go to the polls tomorrow to vote. Don’t believe that bull the Republicans are spreading around talking about “Democrats vote on Wednesday.” When has that ever happened? Short answer: NEVER! So don’t fall for it.

Those sneaky Republicans are even deterring people with criminal convictions from the polls by saying that they can possibly be arrested at the polls. NOT TRUE! It’s never happened in the past, and we can assure you that it won’t happen tomorrow. They could care less about your unpaid parking tickets or you owing child support. So, like we said: BELIEVE SOME OF WHAT YOU SEE, AND NONE OF WHAT YOU HEAR.

Let’s make this happen people. Let’s make history happen. See you at the polls!

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