(Photo: Getty Images) Eddie from That’s So Raven, also known as Orlando Brown, caused quite a stir yesterday when it was reported that he was missing. People.com broke the story at about 12:25 PM yesterday afternoon, stating that the actor hadn’t been seen since early Tuesday morning. The 20-year-old actor reportedly left his manager’s house around 10:20 A.M. to make a quick trip to a local 7-Eleven and never returned. Oh, and did we mention his manager was Ricky Romance? Does that name ring a bell? Yes … no?

About 8 hours later People reported that the actor had turned up and apologized to his fans for the disappearance, stating that he simply “needed to be alone.” I can understand wanting to be alone, but c’mon dude. You could’ve sent a text message to your people telling them this. All of the hoopla that was caused wasn’t even necessary.