So … I’m looking at all of these dope sites spotlighting female fashion/designers and doing different features based on this type of theme, as our new fashion editor Kennesha is currently doing. I’m thinking, “wow! This is useful and informative … however, I wish there was a site that would do this for men!” Becos you don’t normally see sites doing that. But then I thought, “hey! Wait a minute … aren’t I apart of a site where I can do that?” So I’m doing it! He he, of course the majority of fashion and editorial posts will be done by Kennesha. I’ll just be contributing from a male’s perspective; maybe do a post every week or so spotlighting some male fashion? I don’t know, to me, I think this would be a good idea and possibly expand a new audience, we get like a six-figure quota of hits every month, not to mention a HUGE percent of our demographics are males, so some guy out there will find this section useful as well.

For Spring/Summer wear you might want to go with cargo khaki, or even fleece, leg-length pants for the beach or doing some sort of sport related activity outdoors. If you’re thinking about going to the movies or enjoying the nightlife you maybe want to go with some lightweight, fitting jeans; not too baggy, not too tight though, and fairly fashionable. Ed Hardy has some nice custom-design denim pants that would be perfect!

What’s really popular now, especially for Summer, are muscle shirts and tank tops! It’s Summer, men want to show off their figure and muscles, there’s nothing wrong with that … hell, if I had a muscular figure I’d wanna show it off too! Golden Rule #1: if you got it, flaunt it! Shit, all that hard work you did in the gym to get that body – somebody gonna see it! And I’m sure people won’t mind, either. For muscle shirts you might wanna get something small (depends on your body type), vintage, or funnie (shirts with phrases or cartoons); to play it safe a nice V-neck will do. With tanks tops you have less to worry about, literally. Head on over to 2xist and go crazy!

Beach shoes aren’t really necessary unless you want attention but if you’re going out someplace else listen up! It’s Spring/Summer so you would go ahead and choose bright/mild as far as colors. I would particularly stay away from high tops but do your thang! If you are going to the beach (and this happens frequently) you more than likely will get sand in your shoes, expensive shoes at that, so I would take both shoes strings, tied them up together and hang them around my neck or over my shoulder to moderate. Greedy Genius has some great Spring collections.

Visors and peaks should do. Also maybe a cotton twill hat (which sometimes they sell at the beach); custom-designed or not? Up to you.

Accessories: iPod Nano, definitely need music and/or video. Maybe a nice Portage for your clothes or lap top, Karma Loop has some fairly cheap selections. Some tinted shades of course. NEVER wear jewelery on the beach or in the water! Though I understand one would forget to take the necessary precautions and that’s alrite. There is such a thing as jewelery cleaner.

Underwear: “Free ball” if you are an exhibitionist, otherwise thigh-length elastane; NEVER wear boxers or briefs when getting into water for obvious reasons.

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