New Layout: Welcome Back to!

What’s good everybody? First up, I’d like to welcome you all back to Think2wice. The site was originally supposed to return at midnight Saturday morning, but due to a few unforeseen circumstances, we had to push it back to later in the evening. Sorry about that! Anyway, obviously you can see that the new layout is up and running. I’ve been working on this bad boy since the first of the year, and I really am feeling the end result so I’m hoping that you feel the same way too!

A big shout-out goes out to Mike – T2W’s music editor – for lending a helping hand when requested. I really appreciate it homie! Another shout-out goes to Craig and Dale over at Action Head Studios for hooking us up with that dope feature flash ticker (located at the top of every page).

I wanted to get the Meet the Bloggers section up and running, but I couldn’t fit in any time in to get that done, so that will have to be on hold for now. If you peruse around the site, you’ll notice a few new sections/pages: FAQs, Commenting Do’s & Dont’s, and the Classic Blog.What the hell is “The Classic Blog?” – I know you’re asking that question right now lol. So click below to find out what that is!


Peep the picture above. There are now two ways to view! The new and improved way or the Classic Blog. The new way loads the site much quicker because there are less graphics and not as much of the story is shown. You can also see over 40 posts all at once! The classic way takes a little while longer to load, and only displays 10 posts at a time, but you can view the site the same way you’ve grown to love over the past year and a half. To access the classic blog, all you have to do is click on the link on the navigation at the top.


t2w-v3-2.jpg t2w-v3-3.jpg

Above you can see both the classic view and the new view side-by-side. To see them live and in action, click the respective picture. This new layout is just a very small portion of what’s in store for the year 2008. Be sure to continue to visit the site daily to get your fix on the latest in music, news, and celebrity gossip, and let us know what you think about this dope new layout in the comments!!

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