Isn’t Gerald Levert Dead?

Okay, so I’m browsing through Getty Images looking for photos to post of various celebrities arriving at tonight’s 50th Annual Grammy Awards. Then I come across this photo tagged GERALD LEVERT. And I’m thinking to myself, “Isn’t Gerald Levert dead?” But I can’t get mad. This happens a lot. I can recall on several occasions when I’ve been browsing through Wire Image, and have come across a photo of some guy and they have the tag as “Chris Brown” or “Bow Wow.” Or they might even have Chris Brown tagged as Bow Wow, or vice-versa! And what’s even more ironic, is that Sandra Rose recently posted on her blog about an incident similar to this one where a photographer at Wire Image mistakenly named a performer “Keyshia Cole.” I mean, people do make mistakes, but in my opinion, if you’re going to be a respectable photographer, you should at least know your subject(s). And if you’re going to be taking photographs at an event like the Grammys, you should at least know simple things like … oh duh, Gerald Levert is dead, and has been dead for over a year now. Very disrespectful…

Now, I’m done with my rant … back to the Grammy posts!

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