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Shocking! A young woman from Queens, Stacy Gayle, goes into a seizure after listening to Reggae-star Sean Paul’s “Temperature”. Doctors learned this after several unsuccessful brain scans. That is when Gayle received a special PET scan and was diagnosed with a type of epilepsy.

It’s a very rare disorder, maybe five or six cases in the country: Epileptic seizures triggered by music. It’s called musicogenic epilepsy. In this fascinating case today, a young woman in Queens suddenly began having epileptic seizures. The stimulus? a rap song.

What the Sean Paul song turned on in Stacey Gayle’s brain is a rare- occurring mystery: Epileptic seizures triggered by music.

Stacey Gayle, Epilepsy Patient: “They started out slow and then four times a week maybe more. We didn’t know at first what was triggering the seizures until we found out that it was Sean Paul.”

Gayle is fine and “seizure free”. She just seemed disappointed saying, “I think his music is awesome, actually.” Reports are saying that Gayle’s seizures were eventually brought on upon other types of Reggae music.

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