The human conscience is a powerful thing … if used properly that is. 2007 saw a lot of unfortunate cases of celebrities not thinking about the consequences of their actions. In this particular post, we’re going to attempt to highlight some of the celebrities who didn’t Think 2wice in 2007 in hopes that in the future … they will. It is our only advice, afterall.



You already know the deal when it comes to Britney Spears. If you’ve been living on planet earth, then you know how 2007 went for her. The process of her “losing her mind” started out with the surprise divorce from Kevin Federline, and she basically went downhill from there. But I believe her craziest moment was when she shaved her head in February of this year. And from then on, it was just a rollercoaster ride of possible ups, but mostly downs. A major down for her was when she lost her kids (who are currently living with their dad, Kevin Federline). One of the “possible ups” was her performance at the 2007 VMAs. Everyone thought that Britney would make a big come-back, but unsurprisingly, she couldn’t even do that. Since then, she has released an album that did fairly well on the charts, but nowhere near to what “the old Britney” would have accomplished. Here’s to hopes of her getting her act together in 2008. At this point, she really can’t go anywhere but up. But then again, she’s Britney Spears :-\



Producer, and Chili’s baby daddy, Dallas Austin decided to let the whole world know something that we already knew. There are a few select female celebrities who “fuck for tracks.” As usual, he released a video to youtube that subsequently started to spread across the blogosphere. Of course, after a day or so, the footage was yanked from Youtube and replaced with an “apology” from the producer. Here’s to hopes of people not using Youtube as an outlet for “stress relief” and then taking back what they say the next day.



Unfortunately for Alec Baldwin, he’s become known as the guy who called his daughter a “rude, thoughtless, little pig!” I didn’t see the big deal though. Parents fuss at their kids all the time. The only difference is that they aren’t in the public eye and if their voicemail “leaks” to the public, no one would really give a crap. Oh yeah, I put “leak” in quotations because a true leak isn’t deliberate. The girl’s mom (actress Kim Basinger) obviously released this to the media to get back at Ale for whatever reason. Here’s to hopes of folks paying attention to their status as a celebrity and not being so hasty with certain actions.



You mean to tell me we have to go back to this broad? Ahh, here goes! [1] She’s not a celebrity, but she’s the sister of one … so she’s not exempt from this post. Anyhow, you would think that being so close in relation to a celebrity would come with certain perks. But judging by the photos above, that wouldn’t be the case with Ashanti’s little sister. She decided to show up at a party with a turtle-neck sweater top, and passed it off as a dress! Why? The world may never know. Here’s to hopes of celebrities lending the expertise of their stylist(s) to their siblings. Or maybe just letting them borrow their mirror!

[1] Keenan & Kel was the shit back in the day!



Obviously this list isn’t in any kind of order, because this broad would be at the very top … even above Britney Spears! The first strike was when she released a mixtape with the title Shesus Khrist. The album art featured a drawing of the rapper and self-proclaimed “BX Savior” crucified to a cross covered in graffiti. Now, as you all may or may not know, God don’t like ugly. So three days later, rumors started circulating that she had shot her best friend over 2 G’s. Well, that rumor turned out to be true, and now she’s facing charges of attempted murder. Here’s to hopes of her realizing that $2,000 isn’t worth going to jail for up to 25 years over. Really, it isn’t …



Radio personality Don Imus was fired from his popular radio show after he called the Rutgers Women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hoes.” CBS fired his ass, but after a few months (6 to be exact), another radio show offered him a job in hopes that he had learned his lesson. Here’s to people not taking what they say at the dinner table in the company of their own friends and family to the radio, like Don Imus did.



Michael Vick was on top of the world with his football career and Nike endorsements. And then he had to be a dumb-ass and participate in illegal dog fights. I don’t get it. These people have money flowing from all directions, and they still don’t know how to act. Anyhow, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback is currently serving a 2-year-sentence behind bars for dog fighting. The property where the illegal fights happened is now on the market, and is now a major tourist attraction for folks passing through. Here’s to hopes of him learning his lesson and sitting his black ass down somewhere. SMH…



Konvict Music’s front-man Akon earns a spot in this list because he humped a 14-year-old girl, and picked up a kid and threw him in he audience for throwing something at him during a performance (2 totally different incidents). No, really he did! Now I will say that he didn’t know the girl was 14-years-old at the time. She was in a 21+ club afterall. And besides all of that, she doesn’t look like any 14-year-old girls I know! Oh yeah, and she’s the daughter of a preacher. Go figure. This particular incident earned him major headlines across the world, and he lost some major endorsement deals. One being Verizon, the sponsor of his tour with Gwen Stefani. The latest news on the singer/rapper (what exactly is he?) is that he’s being sued for hurling a teenager off the stage and injuring another fan in the audience at a concert in Fishkill, NJ. Here’s to hopes of him … hell, I don’t know. My advice is just that he stay farrr away from teenagers.



It all started on the set of popular ABC series “Grey’s Anatomy.” It was reported that he called his co-star T.R. Knight a faggot, and it appeared as though everyone let it go. But Mr. Washington used “the other F-word” at a Golden Globes press conference by saying: “No, I did not call T.R. Knight a faggot.” Smart move, Isaiah! Immediately after that, he was forced to attend rehab, and he lost his job. Here’s to hopes of him watching what he says in the future. And when people forgive you the first time, realize that it’s not smart to bring up the situation (or the word, for that matter) again.



Good ol’ Nay-Nay. She made headlines, and became the butt of many jokes, in early 2006 when she hit her maid in the head with a blackberry for wearing her designer jeans. But that wasn’t the first time the model and her blackerry went upside someone’s head. So, in 2007 when she finally went to court, a judge ordered her to serve community service. But you know she had to do it Naomi style! The entire week was a fashion show for her. She reportedly got paid for rocking designer outfits every day of that week, and on the final day, she ripped the runway with a designer gown and had every major news outlet talking. Here’s to hopes of her not using cell phones for evil in the future.



What can I say about this racist son-of-a-bitch? He made major headlines in 2007 when a racial slur-filled voice message left on his son’s cell phone leaked to the public via The National Enquirer. Apparently, Dog was concerned that his son’s girlfriend, who’s black, would set him up because of the language the Dog uses. In the nearly eight minute long tape posted on the National Enquirer’s website, the N-word, among other disgusting racial slurs, numerous times and demanded that Tucker (his son) break up with Monique (his son’s girlfriend) or he’ll be fired from the family bail bond business. Well that sure did backfire when Tucker sold the tape to the Enquirer. A&E has taken the show’s re-runs from the air indefinitely, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s back on in 2008. Hell, Don Imus is back on the air!



Last, but most certainly not least, comes my favorite rapper, T.I. For a guy who’s already served time in jail and was out on parole, you would think that he’d learned his lesson from his previous offenses. But … I guess not. Now, because of his actions, he is facing up to 5 years in a federal prison on weapons charges. For weeks, he had been attempting to purchase a slew of guns, Al-Qaida style. I’m talking machine guns, silencers, the works! Needless to say, the feds found out through an anonymous tip and laced T.I.’s body guard with wire. For a week or so, they recorded conversations between the two, and just hours before the BET Hip-Hop Awards, where T.I. was slated to perform, they met up at a Walgreen’s parking lot and bam … he was caught. He spent the next two weeks behind bars, and thanks to the grace of a judge, he was put on house arrest, for which he is still serving. Here’s to hopes of rappers growing up and being able to enjoy their riches. Because you can’t damn well spend your money behind bars, can you?

Now, with all of that said, I sincerely hope that next year’s list will be much smaller! But it probably won’t…

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