It’s hard to believe that Youtube is less than 3 years old. But since its birth in early 2005, anyone with a video camera, a computer, and computer literacy can become a “star” via Youtube. What is Youtube? If you have to ask that question, then I have to ask you … where the hell have you been?! Youtube is something that can’t be explained or defined. It’s just … youtube lol. Rather than waste your time trying to explain the phenomenon of video sites, I’ll let this post: “The Top 10 Youtube Moments of 2007” do all of the talking instead.


KELLY ROWLAND PASSES OUT ON STAGE » Ever since Michelle Williams’ unfortunate fall live on television on BET’s 106 & Park, it seems like the remaining members of Destiny’s Child have taken their own tumbles on stage … from Beyonce’s fall down a flight of stairs in concert (we’ll talk more about that later) to Kelly passing out due to dehydration in Lagos, Nigeria. I couldn’t find the video on youtube, but a quick Google search led me to the video above (Sony BMG never got to them I assume).


T-PAIN ADMIRING RAY J’S MEAT » T-Pain, king of radio hits, has always been known for letting his mind wander during interviews, and the video above is no exception. I’m sure you all have heard of the Ray J / Kim Kardashian sex tape by now (which earns a spot in our top 10 moments of the year … more on that later). In a candid interview with hip-hop site SOHH, T-Pain lists the top 5 girls he wouldn’t want to strip for him and somehow gets on the subject of the size or Ray J’s meat. Talking about another man’s penis for more than 5 seconds is just unacceptable, no matter how many times you slide in “no homo.” What’s really going on Faheem?


LITTLE BOY DANCING TO IRREPLACEABLE » Beyonce has become a household name pretty quickly. Too quickly. And since releasing her #1 hit single “Irreplaceable,” she’s become even that much more popular. The video above features a young man who looks to be about the age of 7 or 8 dancing (and dropping it like it’s hot) to the song in a few very questionable ways. And in an effort to not receive any backlash from anyone who might take what I have to say too seriously, I’m just going to leave it at that. Peep the video above for yourself to draw your own conclusions.


BRITNEY HOUSTON » If you read T2W frequently then you already know who Britney Houston is. So he/she needs no introduction. Mike introduced her to you back in May when she did her own version of Beyonce’s “Flaws and All,” and I posted a video of her a couple of months later doing Lil Mama’s “Lip Gloss.” For a while she disappeared from youtube (as far as music videos go), but fortunately for all of you BH fans, Mike found a video of her remake of Ciara’s “Promise,” which is by far, the funniest of them all! To check out all of Britney’s videos, visit “her” youtube channel.



DON’T EFF WITH MS PATTI » Unfortunately, if you haven’t seen the video, then you never will. The user who uploaded a video of Patti Labelle going off on a fan has deleted the footage. I’m not sure why they would delete it, but for those that didn’t see it, here’s how it went: Patti Labelle was singing “Lady Marmalade” and brought a fan (male fan) on stage to sing it with her. He proceeded to sing the song and got a little close to Ms Patti, and at the end of their duet, she said something about him getting a little too close. Then he said, “I think you wanted it more than me,” or something to that nature. I don’t really remember ALL of the details, but it was pretty damn funny! She got really heated and dismissed him from the stage and asked him “Do you know who I am?” After a minute or two she brought him back on stage and they both made up and it was all good in the end. If you missed out on our original post, sorry 🙁



AND I AM TEEEEELLLING YOUUUUUUU » Youtube loves deleting videos, don’t they? The original video that I posted a few months ago has been deleted, so I had to settle for a lower-quality version. You can still get the jist of it though. Anyhow, I wonder what it feels like to be known for one thing, and one thing only … whaddup Jennifer Holliday?! She was asked to perform on the roof-top of the 2007 Oscars. Not on the red carpet at ground level, and not even during the show on the stage … but allllllll the way on top of the building. And there was so much raw emotion in that performance that you might catch salmonella poisoning if consumed uncooked. I’ve never experienced so many grunts, oohs, ahhs, and different kinds of adlibs in ONE performance. But, I have to give her her props. She definitely redeemed herself (a little) at the 2007 BET Awards when she performed with Jennifer Hudson. Although I must say that too much over-singing (by two people) is bad for the soul.


BOW WOW DEFENDING HIS BOYFRIEND OMARION » I’ve made so many posts about these two undercover lovers, and the recipients of our “Cutest Couple” superlative, that it would be pointless to re-iterate what I’ve already said, and what I’ve been saying for a long time. Bow Wow thought to put BET correspondent Toure “in his place” after he “disrespected” Omarion in an interview. I wonder how this would have went down if they weren’t filming their reality show. You know how people like to act out on camera. But anyhow, the moral of the story is don’t eff with Mr. 106 & Park. He might just get his bodyguard to handle you!! I couldn’t find the actual video because, once again, Youtube deleted it. But I did find a video of Bow Wow’s explanation of the situation via Real Talk NY. Apparently the three have apologized to each and made up.


BEYONCE FALLING DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS ON STAGE » The fall heard ’round the world! We pride ourselves on being the first blog to post the video of Beyonce taking a nasty fall down a flight of stairs during her “Beyonce Experience” tour. A couple of our readers e-mailed us all of the details on how it went down, and within minutes, the video was posted on Youtube for everyone to see. Luckily, Beyonce wasn’t injured (badly) and was able to continue the show. Yeah, she’s a G. Peep this link to check out what our readers sent us.


MAMA KNOWLES GETS BITCH-SLAPPED BY A BEYONCE FAN » Even Mama Knowles should know not to get in the way of fans and their Beyonce. It’s just something you don’t do! In a rather blurry video, Ms. Tina Knowles can be seen getting hit in the face from a fan attempting to get an autograph from Beyonce. I’m not sure if it was on accident, or on purpose, but regarldess of the circumstance, you have to agree that the shit was pure comedy! The look on Tina’s face was priceless. I’m surprised this is still even on Youtube!



CHRIS CROCKER – “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!” » Like I said before, anyone with a video camera and internet access can become a “celebrity” in a matter of days. And Chris Crocker is NO exception. This guy took standing up for his favorite artist to another level. He released a video via his Youtube channel defending none other than Britney Spears … in TEARS! And in a matter of days, he was an instant celebrity! To this day, his video has received over 14 million views, and has the honor of being the 2nd most discussed video on Youtube! And he’s been featured on television shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live and Maury. I even hear he’s supposed to be getting his own television show pretty soon. So it’s only right that he gets the number one spot in T2W’s “top 10 youtube moments of 2007.”

I’m on my way to bringing in the year 2008 with some friends, so I’m going to have to hold off on the rest of our year-end posts until tomorrow! Make sure you hit up the site bright and early (or whenever you get rid of your hangover) to peep the rest of our superlatives, our top 10 moments of 2007, and the rest of our year-end 2007 posts!

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