I love Britney (I really do) but now I think she’s pushing it a little, dissin’ Timbaland and Justin is a no-no, BOOOO!!!!

Timbaland previously said he got close to working with the singer, telling Entertainment Weekly in March, “I just want to take her away, go overseas and work [it] out. … I asked Justin, ‘How would you feel about me working with Britney?’ … ‘Would you do it with me?’ ” Timbaland told the magazine that JT was willing to get involved at the time. “She’s just gotta be serious.”

Now Timbo has even more advice to give her about getting her career back on track. “She needs a story,” he said. “She has no comeback story. That’s the problem. She has to have a team. She needs to come back with Justin doing records; [then we’d see headlines like,] ‘She went back to her ex and she’s making smashes.’ [But instead she got] so big-headed and [was] like, ‘Screw you, screw you, I don’t need nobody.’ ”

So is there any chance for Spears to rectify the situation and possibly work with Timberlake and Timbaland? Yes, says the super-producer — if she apologizes.

“She should humble herself and make a phone call and say, ‘I’m sorry.’ She knows what she’s sorry about,” Tim said. “She needs to say, ‘I was wrong,’ and it’ll definitely move forward. … That’s all she has to say.”

I completely agree with Timbaland, the part about her needing a story, in essence she does … I will continue to support Britney but I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. If I was her I would do some major but kissing right about now. Especially since Timbo is now working with :gags: Ashlee Simpson on her NEW PROJECT coming up — and I might BUY her album! -_-

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