JAY-Z’S THE RICHEST MUHF*CKA ON THE SCENE! » News has been pretty damn slow this week … which is why there haven’t been many rundown posts. Go figure. Anyhow, I scrounged up some for today’ s rundown. Enjoy! First up is Jay-Z, who was dubbed the king of hip-hop cash! Homeboy grabbed the #1 spot in the 2006 Forbes List for Hip-Hop Cash Kings at a net worth amounting up to $34 million. Other kings who made the list include: (2) 50 Cent – $32 million, (3) Diddy – $28 million, (4) Timbaland – $24 million, (5) Dr. Dre – $20 million, (6) Eminem – $18 million, (7) Snoop Dogg – $17 million, (8) Kanye West – $17 million, (9) Pharrell Williams – $17 million, (10) Scott Storch – $17 million, (11) Ludacris – $16 million, (12) T.I. – $16 million, (13) Outkast – $14 million, (14) Lil Jon – $14 million, (15) Ice Cube – $13 million, (16) Jermaine Dupri – $12 million, (17) Swizz Beatz – $12 million, (18) Chamillionaire – $11 million, (19) The Game – $11 million, (20) Yung Joc $10 million. The numbers don’t lie! Hip hop diva Cam’Ron didn’t make the cut, because unfortunately … the list here stops at 20. Had it gone on to 1,400, he’d be number 1,399 at a net worth of $2.63. Who’s number 1,400 you ask? Well, that’s for me to know and you to find out!


FOXY BROWN SLAPS A BITCH WITH A BLACKBERRY » Rapper Foxy Brown turned herself in Tuesday to face charges that she hit her Brooklyn neighbor with her Blackberry cell phone last month, ABC News is reporting. The 27-year-old was charged with felony assault, menacing, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon, according to reports Brown was arraigned and released on $5,000 bail. Her next court date is Sept. 26. The New York Police Department says the trouble-prone rapper, who is on probation, was accused of hitting her 25-year-old neighbor during an argument on July 30. The victim filed a complaint with the police after reportedly receiving treatment for loose teeth, a swollen lip and swelling of her right eye. [ PEOPLE ] I swear this chick stays in court! In more Foxy B news, homegirl has apparently LEFT DEF JAM FOR KOCH RECORDS!


VING RHAMES OFFERS HIS CONDOLENCES » I’m sure y’all remember the TRAGEDY that occured on actor Ving Rhames’ property. He released a statement Monday:

“I was out of the country when this shocking and terrible tragedy occurred on my property,” the statement reads. “Jacob Adams was not just a devoted employee – he was also a dear friend. I want to offer my heartfelt condolences to his family.”

He went on to say that the coroner’s report confirmed that his dogs were not the cause of Adams’ death, but the Los Angeles Department of Coroners is saying that an autopsy is still pending, and no initial findings have been released. When they discovered the body, there was no immediate evidence leading up to the conclusion that the dogs caused the death. It is unclear if Rhames will face any liability in the case, or what the fate will be of his dogs, which are still in custody at the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services. Such a sad story…

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