RON ISLEY BELIEVES HE’S ABOVE THE LAWWHO DOES RONNY THINK HE IS? » You have GOT to be kidding me! It’s not very often you come across someone who wants your pity for a mess they got themselves into. Apparently Ronald Isley is on the grind trying to keep his butt out of jail for 3 years. He is currently in the process of requesting a pardon from President Bush for his recent conviction of tax evasion. The Isley Brothers frontman was found guilty on charges of of evading federal income tax payments to the tune of $3.1 million in 2005, and was sentenced to 3 years in prison subsequently in September 2006. The evasion spanned a time-period of 5 years (1997 – 2002). U.S. District Judge Dean Peterson labelled Isley “a serial tax avoider” in the Los Angeles court last year. He is scheduled to begin his 3-year prison sentence come August 7, but if he gets his way … he’ll get away scotch free. The new buzz is that his fans and record label Def Jam have started lobbying Bush to pardon the singer, urging people to contact the White House. Isley is currently battling cancer of the kidney and recently recovered from a stroke. The petition reads:

“In lieu of the recent charges brought against Mr. Isley, he is currently in the process of a total restitution of his financial obligations to the IRS. Mr. Isley has also offered to perform for troops at various military bases to help heal the country and show his support for their tireless efforts to protect this country. It is important to point out that Ronald Isley has no prior criminal record, and has been a law-abiding, taxpaying employer since 1956.”

I honestly don’t see that happening, but I could be wrong. Maybe good ol’ Dubya has a heart, or maybe not! Check out some dirt we recovered on Man-Eka and see who’s going to prison for for days after the cut!


MAN-EKA IS AN EX-CON! » Usher soon-to-be husband, urhm, WIFE apparently has a troubled past. Think2wice has learned that Tameka Foster has previously been arrested not once, but twice for theft and fraud related offenses. She apparently served twenty days in the Los Angeles County Jail for petty theft back in 1991. She was sentenced to an additional term of two years probation. Foster was also charged with welfare fraud against the State of California back in the 1980’s; she was sentenced to complete community service on the charge. I ain’t sayin she a gold digger… you know the rest! All I have to say is hot damn! You can check out the rest of this crazy story, including details as to why her mom almost didn’t get invited to the wedding, over at THE POP CULTURE JUNKIE!


NICOLE GETS SENTENCED TO 4 DAYS IN PRISON! » Another rich white girl has been sentenced to prison, but this one got cut a little slack. Nicole Richie, who is “allegedly” pregnant by Joel Madden, pleaded guilty to DUI and was sentenced to 4 days behind bars in a Glendale, California courthouse. She also agreed to serve a three-year probation term, and must enroll in an alcohol education program, in addition to being fined for $2,048. During the hearing, Los Angeles County Commissioner Steven Lubell told Richie: “Someone could’ve gotten killed. You need to understand that driving under the influence is extremely dangerous.” Richie was given the option of serving her time in a paid city jail, which is a nicer facility than a county jail. She wasn’t given a surrender date, but must complete her jail time before September 28. Lucky her!

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