ALICIA KEYS PUSHES BACK ALBUM! » I know, I know! I was utterly speechless and heartbroken to hear this earth shattering news myself. It appears that songstress Alicia Keys’ new album, As I Am, will NOT be released on October 23rd, as planed, but on November 6th! As if that wasn’t bad enough news, she recently had the great pleasure of working with a virtuoso musician! John Mayor (on his experience collaborating with the artist):

This is probably about as obvious as telling you the sky is blue, but Alicia is the most authentic artist of our generation … She’s strong where she needs to be … Not just strong as a woman (there are many strong women out there) but strong as an artist (there are few, regardless of gender). She has the vision DOWN and doesn’t waste time getting there

So, now I wait in drought (two weeks!). OK, so maybe – it’s not that bad … But still! O’well, I have to respect her space and growth as an artist. This could be for the better as stated …

at least she’s taking her time to bring us a quality record instead of rushing out a new album in under a year with overused producers (Polow Da Don, Swizz Beatz, etc). I’m glad she’s not following that bandwagon.

by one of my favorite blogs in the whole wide world – TOYA’S WORLD! LOL, so sad (that statement) … but very true to the fact.


KELLY ROWLAND ON THE SET OF NEW VIDEO » Above is a snagged photo from Kelly Rowland’s new video “Comeback/ Work (Put It In)”. I guess the video will begin with “Comeback” and then intro to “Work (Put It In)” or vice versa? OK! I’m semi-excited, I’m glad she took that song into consideration! Now, you know the video will be hott and take the charts by storm! Go get ’em Rowland!


WACK, WACKNESS, WACKTASTIC! » I don’t know what they’re particularly going for, but I don’t like it. I am a die-hard Chris Brown fan nonetheless! I just imagined he would take it to a whole other level with this project, hopefully, he proves me wrong. What I am excited about is that “Take You Down” may VERY well be the next single! And you know what? I take all that “I’m worried for his young fans” crap back … I mean, look at Pretty Ricky, Usher, etc. Plus, the boy is grown. He’s 18 for Jebus sake! So on that note I look forward to the young man’s LP. And shouts out to DOMINQUE for the exclusive! :BOWS:

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