WE NEED MORE RAPPERS LIKE RICKY ROSS! » With the assistance of Rick Ross, over 1500 students at Miami Carole City Senior High School will jump start the upcoming school year with “Be Out Day” on August 8th. Ross teamed up with Magic Johnson’s Burger King restaurants to host the 1st annual event. WEDR 99 Jams radio jock DJ Khaledwill will co-host the event along side Ricky with special guest appearances from top recording artists and A-list celebrities. The main purpose for the event is the help the children get prepared for the upcoming school year with school supplies such as backpacks ,pens, pencils, paper, and anything else they may need. That’s a good look for Rick Ross! Showing the kids some love…


SHEMAR MOORE WENT TO COURT … HERE ARE THE RESULTS! » PEOPLE is reporting that Shemar Moore was sentenced to 36 months probation and agreed to do 80 hours of community service in a Los Angeles courtroom yesterday. The actor and recent BEACH NUDIST unsurprisingly pleaded “no contest” to the charges in the case.

MAMA TINA NEEDS TO RE-HEM THAT TRENCH COAT! » Unfortunately for Beyonce, who recently TOOK A FALL down a flight of stairs used as a prop in her show, her fans didn’t keep their promise. She politely asked them not to put the videos on youtube, but we all know how that ended up! C’mon, it’s 2007 LMAO … EVERYTHING ends up on youtube. Anyhow, Beyonce’s publicist confirmed that it was indeed her hem that apparently caught itself in Beyonce’s heels, causing her to trip and fall down a dozen stairs. The rep also made sure to note that Bey didn’t sustain any injuries as a result of the fall. Check out a new video someone uploaded above! It features (1) The Fall, (2) The Verdict, and (3) The Plea. Funny shit, check it out!

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