Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown Says the Pregnancy Was PlannedMel B is saying that her relationship with Eddie was originally supposed to end up in marriage, and the pregnancy was definitely no mistake and did not happen on accident as people are claiming. She even had her IUD removed. I didn’t know what the hell that was until I checked THIS out. So I guess it’s a non-surgical approach to a woman “getting her tubes tied.” But to make a long story short, Eddie really did her wrong. First, the break-up. Eddie didn’t even step up to the plate as man and the tell the girl it was over. She had to find out on a TV show. “There was no official breakup,” she says. “I went to London and on my return flight I learned that he made that announcement about wanting a DNA test on that TV show. Then I saw him on the red carpet with Tracey Edmonds and that’s when I knew we were over.” When asked about her response to the situation, she said:

I laughed because that wasn’t the guy that I knew who told me he wanted to have a baby and get married. I just didn’t believe it. I had my lawyer send me the link for the clip of that Dutch TV show. I had to see it to believe it. When I saw it my heart dropped down to my gut. Obviously, there was something within him that I didn’t know. Then I thought, If that’s the kind of person that he truly is, then I’m better off by myself. I had to switch gears because I had press outside my property walking up to my front door. It was awful because I was pregnant. Eddie and I were extremely low-key; you didn’t see me going anywhere with him maybe once or twice. One of the reasons I moved to this country was to avoid the limelight so I could take my kid to the park and do my grocery shopping. So to have him embarrass me worldwide and have press knocking on my door—frankly, I was pissed and I was like, “Thank you! You have now put me in a whole different lifestyle where I have to have security, move to a new house, and move my kid out of the school she attended.” That was no fun.

When asked about Murphy’s excitement about the pregnancy, Melanie told ESSENCE.COM, “Oh this was a completely planned pregnancy. This wasn’t some random, “Oops I fell over and I’m pregnant.” I don’t live my life like that. I’m a responsible parent and have been a responsible single parent since I got divorced. This is the one thing that really annoys me. If I wanted to have a baby I would have had a baby a long time ago. I wouldn’t have waited eight years to have another one … As soon as I had my IUD removed we proceeded to get pregnant. It happened quicker than we expected but it was perfect timing.” Check out the full interview over at ESSENCE.COM!

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