USHER AND TOM-EKA ARE GETTING MARRIED THIS WEEKEND? … OH, JOY! » ((Sigh)) I used to be a big Usher fan, but … I dunno. I mean the way he’s treating my girl ERIKA is just wrong. We were just talking about it the other day. I’m so glad she’s holding on to the site. Not for him, but for his fans. Anyhow, there’s a rumor circulating that Usher and Tameka Foster are making moves to get hitched this weekend. I’ve been hearing Friday, and I’ve also been hearing Saturday. So I really don’t know, and if you really wanna know the truth … I could care less :-\ But I figured y’all would, so there it is! The rest of the today’s rundown can be found … well, you know where it is! LOL

Vibe Vixen Says Bon Voyage!

RIHANNA’S THE LAST CHICK TO GRACE VIBE VIXEN » For those of you who just grabbed your very own copy of Vibe Vixen with Rihanna on the cover … keep it, cherish it, laminate, do whatever. ‘Cause folks on Ebay are gonna pay top dollar for it! Why? Apparently it’s the very last issue … ever. Vibe has pulled the quarterly magazine indefinitely. I’ve been shopping around for more dirt but this is all I could find. More info to come, check back!! CLICK HERE to check out my baby Rihanna doing her thing in the final issue.

Lindsay Lohan Arrested, Released on Bond

LINDSAY LOHAN BITES THE DUST … AND SMOKES “THE PIPE” » Dang, another one? Lindsay Lohan was arrested this morning on charges of DUI. Again… This one was a tad different. There was a car chase involved. I guess someone is trying to push the envelope a bit. Getting thrown in jail for DUI and driving on a suspended license has been done already. The actress was searched in the police station and a “small” (I wonder what their definition of small is) amount of cocaine was found in her pocket, says Santa Monica police spokesman Lt. Alex Padilla. So to make a rather long story as short as possible … she was booked for DUI, possession of cocaine, transporting a narcotic into a custody facility, and driving on a suspended license. And she just turned 21! Two Breathalyzer tests determined Lohan’s blood-alcohol level was .12 percent and .13 (the legal limit is .08). She also took a urine test, and may face an additional charge of driving under the influence of a controlled substance if cocaine is found in her system, Lt. Padilla says. That’s an ugly ass mugshot of her though, Paris’ was much better =) Oh, and just so ya’know, she’s out now.

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