Message from A Reader: Bow Wow & Bobby V Dissin Folk on the Radio

Did yall hear about the interview with hot97 and bow wow.. Well make a long story short.. Bow wow was dissin ciara and 50 and 50 was in the buildin of Hot 97 heard what bow wow was sayin. I mean Bow was actin mad tuff before 50 went upstairs to where he was and bow wow was in shock.. how about 50 made bow wow say sorry and re say all good things in place of the bad things he said about them,… it was so funny, then bow ended the interview.Also on the wendy williams experience, bobby valintino was sayin how he doesnt like Black girls who are brown skinned and syain thats why he always has light skin girls in his video because the “dark” girls look dirty.. it pissed me off to know end but he needs to be put on blast , i have a anti bobby thing going on now.. but check all this info out cause its all true and a lil funny.

– T

Oh lawd if this is true somebody HIT ME UP! I have got to find the audio of this!! Bow Wow being punked by 50 live on air? Bobby V talkin nonsense live on air? This is all too much!

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