SPONSORS ARE GONNA START DROPPING MIKE VICK LIKE IT’S HOT! » Nike was originally supposed to release a shoe named after Falcons star Michael Vick, but after his stint with the police following an incident involving some dogs, some fighting, and some blatant stupidity, they said “no sir!” Apparently Nike has told retailers it will not release a fifth signature shoe, the Air Zoom Vick V, this summer. Nike spokesman Dean Stoyer said the four shoe products and three shirts that currently bear Vick’s name will remain in stores. Vick will be arraigned next week in a Richmond, Virginia federal courtroom on charges of sponsoring a dogfighting operation. Meanwhile, Falcons owner Arthur Blank issued a statement today, saying the organization is “working diligently on exploring our options.”

“This is an emotionally charged and complicated matter,” Blank said. “There are a wide range of interests and legal issues that need to be carefully considered as we move ahead, including our need to respect the due process that Michael is entitled to. Also, this situation affects everyone – our club, our players and associates, our sponsors, our fans and the Atlanta community among them – so we must consider all of our customers in making any decisions. Given the differing perspectives and strong feelings around this issue, we probably won’t make everyone happy, but we are committed to doing the right thing. As the owner of this club that’s, ultimately, my responsibility.”

Blank added that he was “saddened and distressed about this – not for myself, for our fans and community who have been so loyal to us.”

DUNKIN DONUTS APPARENTLY CONDONES NAOMI CAMPBELL’S ANGER ISSUES » It’s a shame when you can capitalize on your faults. Dunkin Donuts doesn’t seem to care that home girl just finished community service not too long ago for throwing a cell phone at her maid. And now they have a commercial of her promoting something new at Dunkin Donuts (Krispy Kreme all day for me!) where she is attempting to plant a tree in high heels. Needless to say, her heel breaks, she gets mad, and chugs the shoe through the window. Y’all know she did that shit for real and Dunkin Donuts was like “hey, let’s make this a commercial!” Check out the video above…


MARIAH CAREY + PHOTOSHOP = BEAUTIFUL ADVERTISEMENT! » I couldn’t honestly give two limp nuts for Mariah Carey or her new fragrance, but I couldn’t find a third item for the rundown. I have a pretty nice case of OCD, and I have to have at least 3 news items to make a rundown post. Not my fault! Anyhow, MiMi is featured in a new ad sponsoring her new fragrance “M.” I think just about every “professional” photo is retouched now-a-days, so I guess hers being photoshopped isn’t that special. It just sucks that we’re starting to see less and less of what people really look like. Click above for the full image!

EDIT: We just found out that’s Mariah’s face plastered on a model’s body. A fan did it. Blame them! They did a pretty good job though, you can barely tell!

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