OPRAH’S GOLDEN RETRIEVER DIED » In the August 2007 issue of O Magazine, which hit newsstands yesterday, Oprah talks about her recent experience in dealing the with the death of her 2-year-old golden retriever. The talk show host had a late lunch with friends, her dog, Gracie, was out with the dog walker and two other retrievers for their weekend exercise. The clear plastic ball, which belonged to Winfrey’s 12-year-old cocker spaniel Sophie, was in the grass when Gracie (who wasn’t supposed to play with the ball) found it – and swallowed it. Gracie apparantly choked on it and wasn’t able to be revived via CPR.

“I don’t believe in accidents,” writes Winfrey. “I know for sure that everything in life happens to help us live. I ran barefoot out of the house and found the dog walker and one of my security guards pumping her chest,” Winfrey writes about her reaction to the phone call that Gracie was no longer breathing. “Just as I reached them, the security guard looked up and said, ‘I’m sorry, ma’am. We tried everything. I’m sorry. She’s gone.’ I stood there dazed, stunned, crying – and watched as they placed her in the back of a golf cart, her still-warm body with the lipstick stain [from Winfrey’s kiss beforehand] on her fur,” writes Winfrey. “Her life was a gift to me,” she said. “Her death, a greater one.”

Not to take away from the sadness of the story or anything but uhm …. dang! You know you’re somebody when people actually care about your dead dog! Check out the rest of today’s rundown after the cut. Sorry about being so late with this. I haven’t been feeling so well lately, so I took the day off and rested in bed. Besides that, it’s been a SLOW day … and a slow week for that matter.


JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE OPENS NYC RESTAURANT » NY DAILY NEWS is reporting that Justin Timberlake wants to take another shot at running a successful restaurant. Apparently his last attempt bombed … bad! His first restaurant, “Chi,” which was a West Hollywood meets Asia sort of thing, recently closed, but that didn’t stop good ol’ JT for wanting to open a restaurant in New York! The name of the restaurant is Southern Hospitality, and can be found on the upper East Side of Manhattan, and it’s opening night was today. Click the link above to check out a list of celebrity’s who’ve succeeded (and failed) at running their own restaurants.


NBC BELIEVES IN SECOND CHANCES » We haven’t heard about Isaiah Washington in a while, which is a good thing. I was tired of reading about the same old crap day, after day, after day… Anyhow, NBC is working on a new series – “Bionic Woman” – and Isaiah will guest star on a few episodes. In spite of ABC firing Washington, NBC decided to hire him saying that “they believe in second chances.” NBC executive producer David Eick says, “We believe in second chances. We embrace the gay community and hope they will watch. He adds, “I guess that I still abide by the credo that no publicity is bad publicity and for every person that doesn’t watch the show because they’re sensitive to the controversy I figure that we’ll get two who will because they’re curious. Eventually there will be a new scandal and no one will be thinking of this.”


DAVE CHAPELLE HOSPITALIZED … AND NOT FOR DRUGS » Funnyman Dave Chapelle was recently hospitalized suffering from a case of exhaustian. At first, there was a rumor running rampant across the internet that he was on crack and checked into rehab, but his rep told TMZ that’s not how it went down. The rep says Dave went to the emergency room for “physical exhaustion.” She says he was treated with “food, water and sleep” for about 12 hours and then went home. I wonder how rumors like this start lol. Do radio stations and news outlets seriously believe everything they hear?

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