Michael Vick Indicted in Dogfight Investigation

MICHAEL VICK IS GOING DOWN! » Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was indicted today by a federal grand jury on charges related to illegal dogfighting. Vick and three others are charged with competitive dogfighting, procuring and training pit bulls for fighting and conducting such activities across state lines. The dogfighting operation was named “Bad Newz Kennels,” according to the indictment, and the dogs were housed, trained and fought at a Surry County, Va., property owned by Vick.

The indictment alleges that the 27-year-old Vick and his co-defendants began a grisly dogfighting operation in early 2001 in which dogs fought to the death or close. Losing dogs were sometimes killed by electrocution, drowning, hanging or gunshots. If convicted, Vick and the others Purnell A. Peace, Quanis L. Phillips and Tony Taylor could face up to six years in prison, $350,000 in fines and restitution.

Dang, I remember hearing about this a while back but I didn’t think it was true. I’m not a “dog lover” but I’m not a fan to cruelty either. That’s effed up Mike… Check out the rest of today’s rundown after the cut!

Remy Ma Says She Didn’t Shoot AnybodyWHO DO YOU BELIEVE? REMY MA … OR HER FRIEND?! » SHESUS KHRIST is busy proclaiming her innonence while her “friend” Makeda Barnes-Joseph is saying “I couldn’t believe she shot me!” According to Barnes-Joseph, instead of calling 911 after the shooting, Ma (real name Reminisce Smith – I thought her last name was Martin) rifled through Barnes-Joseph’s purse as she lay bleeding from two bullet wounds.

“What hurts me is that when she shot me she went over and dumped the bag,” Barnes-Joseph said. “She didn’t even say, ‘Oh, my God, I just shot her.’ That’s what hurt me so much.”

Remy’s manager, identified as Big Joe of New Era Management, said Remy Ma doesn’t carry a gun and is not “the kind of person who would shoot someone.” He also speculated that Barnes-Joseph was using the incident to seek money. But Barnes-Joseph’s mother, Christina Barnes, is saying that that she didn’t believe Ma’s denial. “She shot my child and she knows that,” she told the NY Daily News. “When the day comes, we’ll all find out for sure.” She also denied that her daughter would steal money from the rapper. “She doesn’t need it and I didn’t raise her like that.” Read more over at MTV News!

Dune Martin & Tisha Campbell Are Allegedly Filing for Divorce

NEW RUMOR: DUANE MARTIN AND TISHA CAMPBELL BROKE UP? » According to MEDIA TAKE OUTDuane Martin & Tisha Campbell have split up and are ready to end their marriage of 11 years. A source close to the couple told the news site that the two have been trying to make things work for a while – but it now looks like the marriage is over. The source explained, “[Duane and Tisha] still care deeply for each other, but they’re ready to move on with their lives.” MTO is notorious for their rumors and false stories, but they were pretty damn right about the Remy Ma incident, so I don’t know what to say about this one! Fact, or fiction? YOU BE THE JUDGE! But you gotta admit, they do look pretty “happy” together in the picture above!

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