Remy Ma is a Wanted Man! Erh, Woman! (My Bad)

MEDIA TAKE OUT is reporting that Remy Martin’s crazy ass is wanted by the NYPD for a shooting she was apparantly involved in. When there’s a shooting, the first thing that comes my mind is “How much money was it over?” Well the answer to that question is a measly $2,000. Remy, please sit down! Now your black ass is gonna have to sit in a jail cell for a very long time for attempted murder over a little measly 2 Gs. According to sources in the New York Police Department, Remy and a 23-year-old woman got into a verbal argument at a NYC night club. The argument, police claim, spilled out into the street, where Remy Ma is reported to have pulled out a gun and shot the woman once. Remy and her crew hopped into a black SUV and attempted to flee the scene, but once they got into an accident … they fled that scene as well and ran off on foot. Her current whereabouts are unknown. So now she’s probably gonna be charged with a hit-and-run too!

I wonder if there’s any truth to this. I wouldn’t put it past Remy Ma to do some crazy shit like this, real talk. I mean c’mon, she’s the same chick who made an album cover where she’s “crucified” on a grafiti-ridden cross talking about “Shesus Khrist” and “Y’all bitches workin on y’all albums go back to the studio immediately.” I need to take a breather, this is way too much for my soul. I’m going to the altar at church tomorrow and pray for Remy…

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