Foxy Brown “Found” At Awards Show

FOXY BROWN SPOTTED AT AWARDS SHOW … AFTER BEING MISSING FOR OVER A WEEK » Foxy Brown has been recently reported as MISSING but according to a few photos, that is definitely not the case. Before this past Saturday, good ol’ Inga hadn’t been seen by anyone for over a week. But the singer surprised her friends and family by appearing at the first annual Urban Music Awards at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom, where she had been lined up to co-host the ceremony with Jamaican DJ Spragga Benz. I’ve never seen someone so determined to cover up a good old fashioned ass whooping! She’s making it hard on herself, really. Just give it up, Foxy … we’re willing to let it go if you are =)

Bobby V Thinks Special Occasion is Worth Promoting

BOBBY VALENTINO JOINS THE “I’M MAD AT DEF JAM” CLUB » According to R&B singer Bobby Valentino, famous for his two hits “Slow Down” and “Anonymous” (yeah, he only had 2 … 1 from each album) is pissed at execs over at Def Jam records. Why? Because he claims that they focus their attention on other artists, especially Ne-Yo.

“I think Ne-Yo’s the face of the label and, of course, by him being the face of the label, he gets a little bit more. I see he gets a lot of extra support, a lot of bells and whistles. Sometimes, people need those things to put them over the top. My album, you know what it is,” he continued. “When you see me at the shows, you know what it’s about. There’s nothing sugar-coated about me. Not saying that there’s something sugar-coated about Ne-Yo, but, it’s all good.”

Sorry Bobby, but I can’t agree with you on this one. Special Occasion just isn’t that great. It only has literally 2 songs that I like. And they’ve already been put out as singles. Not even putting out a third single will save the album from being certified as a flop. Better luck next time kid!

Fabolous Says “No!” to Drinking and Driving

THESE CELEBRITIES SHOULD PAY MORE ATTENTION TO FABOLOUS » Fabolous and his crew spent the weekend at the Star Room in the Hamptons without drinking. Even though the VIP section was filled with all types of alcoholic drinks, Fabolous didn’t take any part of the drinking activities. After seeing how fellow rapper Eve and actor Tracy Morgan are still dealing with their DUI cases and wearing their electronic ankle bracelets that monitor blood-alcohol level, it looks like Fabolous was trying to take a totally different road. Fabolous, you can drink all you want. Just don’t get behind the wheel. I’m sure you can afford a driver every now and then =)

Usher Sneaking out of Area Club in Hollywood

USHER’S TRYING TO OUT-DO DIDDY » Looks like Usher is trying to take a page out of Diddy’s “guide to relationship” book. He’s a step-up from Diddy though. The girl hasn’t even had her baby, and he’s already out doing his dirt! Confessions Part III anyone? Anyhow, Usher was recently spotted exiting a club with an unidentified female who was obviously not his fiancee, Tameka Foster. In the photos, you can tell the brotha was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, but it just didn’t work out. Boy, you ain’t that slick! But I do have to commend his entourage for being the perfect wingmen! You really can’t see home boy’s face in the photos below, but you can see a clear glimpse of that oh-so-famous 5 o’clock shadow in the back of the SUV above!

Usher Sneaking out of Area Club in Hollywood Usher Sneaking out of Area Club in Hollywood Usher Sneaking out of Area Club in Hollywood

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