Justin Timberlake and Fiddy Collabo On the Way??

Timberland made the biggest mistake one could make by introducing Justin Timberlake and 50 Cent to each other. Why? Because they recorded a song together about PORN! That’s right … Justin Timberlake and 50 Cent have a yet-to-be-released song about pornography. In a track entitled “Ayo Technology,” the two talk about being fed up having to make do with watching dirty movies and how desperate they are to have real-life encounters with women. Of course this isn’t the case for these two in the real world! JT’s linked to Jessica Biel, and fiddy is currently linked to Ciara. Anyhow, they’re supposedly shooting a video for it this weekend in Los Angeles with music video director Joseph Kahn. Thhe pair will be portrayed as sex-obsessed Matrix style secret agents who spy on women using “ayo technology,” like x-ray goggles for instance.

The source said: “They will wear hi-tech gadgets and night-vision goggles which enable them to see through the girls’ clothes. It’s a cat and mouse situation with car chases and gadgets galore but spying on the girls is the main theme. It will be creepy and sinister. They are going to push the envelope.”

The track, which is set to be retitled She Wants It, will be featured on 50’s upcoming album Curtis, out in September. I ain’t even gon’ front! I’m curious to hear the song, and see how the video’s gonna turn out. We’ll keep you posted…

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