Foxy’s Pimp/Ex-Boyfriend is a Wanted Man!Remember ol’ dude who sicked his hoes on Foxy Brown for breaking up with him when she found out he was a pimp? Apparantly he’s wanted! No surprise there, right? New York Daily News is reporting that both the NYPD and his parole officer are looking for him. What’s funny is that Foxy’s no longer cooperating with the po-po because she’s trying to save whatever street cred she had left … before the beat-down I mean.

Timothy Collier, 33, was on parole after serving three years on a drug charge. He was given a curfew shortly after his release out of prison and March, and has broke it at least once. He also skipped a couple of meetings with his PO (Parole Officer) twice … and a warrant was issued for his arrest June 6 for all of these parole violations. So sicking his girls on Foxy was pretty much the nail in the coffin!

I wonder how long this whole thing is gonna pan out. We, of course, will keep you updated!

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