Ne-Yo Counting Them Duckies...

Shaffer Chimere Smith, best known as the singer we all know and love, Ne-Yo has written countless hits for numerous artists like Mario Vazquez, Paula DeAnda, Rihanna, Marques Houston, Beyoncé… just to name a few! Hell, homeboy even choreographed, has written music, and worked with R&B star Usher – I bet you people did not know that! Saying “Oh why Ne-Yo tryin’ be like Usher and dancing like him”. Ne-Yo was very behind the scenes and has paid his dues. Dude is slated to work on Whitney Houston and Britney Spears’ upcoming projects. But unfortunately for the icon, Whitney Houston, Ne-Yo finds some of the new material a little “boring” he says…

They all had the one same theme, which was ‘My name is Whitney Houston and this is my triumphant comeback’.

When Ne-Yo recently heard about the once in a lifetime opportunity and that he was collaborating with Whitney Houston he immediately began work on the singer’s album. He is possibly writing a two-third of it.

We all understand she has gone through a lot. I’m sure we all get that but I think she needs songs about regular everyday life. So that’s what I’m planning to add to the album – songs about everyday emotions.

This young man is laughing straight to the bank I’m sure. But I think the real question is, can Whitney Houston attempt to make a solid comeback?

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