Paris to Be Released Tuesday...Well folks, it’s official. Paris Hilton will be released from Lynwood Jail on Tuesday, June 26th, after serving 23 days of the original 45-day sentence imposed by a judge for violating probation. The reason she won’t be serving 45 full days is because of “good behavior.” Apparently, the total term takes into account 22 days of credit for said good behavior.

“There was some confusion as to whether it would be Monday or Tuesday, and we just wanted to let people know what was happening,” says sheriff’s Sgt. Duane Allen, Jr.

Records specialists calculated her actual release date, based on Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Sauer’s orders, and it is June 26. She can be released any time of day or night. I’m sure her ass is gonna be watching the clock, and when it hits 12:00 AM she gon be “ret ta go!” Homegirl gon be chuckin deuces on the way out, cause ya’ know she’s “too hood” now since she spent a good minute behind bars!! I might like this new Paris. I SAID “MIGHT!”

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