From Sugar to Shit: Cheri Dennis Arrested!

WE INTERRUPT OUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED SERVERINGS OF GOSSIP TO BRING YOU A BREAKING NEWS STORY! » If you, or someone you know and love, are interested in obtaining a recording contract from Diddy’s Bad Boy record label (I’m talking to YOU Making the Band 4 Contestants) listen to our advice: THINK 2WICE! We haven’t given out any advice in a while (at least in the form of a post) but I think this is URGENT! Bad Boy recording artist Cheri Dennis (see “sugar” – photo on the left) was arrested over the weekend for “disorderly conduct.” According to All Hip Hop, she (see “shit” – photo on the right) reportedly had a little altercation with the boys in blue and spent the night behind bars before posting $500 bond (it must’ve not been that bad). But anyhow, how can a beautiful girl like Cheri Dennis end up taking an ugly ass mugshot like that! Jesus be a piece of duct tape for my broken heart. I guess being on Bad Boy and not getting the publicity that you deserve drives you to do crazy shit – so if you’re in Danity Kane, your name is Cassie, or you’re part of the Winans family … get out of there quick! Before it’s too late… We’ve warned you, but will you follow our advice?