Paris Hilton Back in Jail!

Common folk and blog readers alike rejoice! Paris Hilton has returned to the slammer! A judge today ordered a tearful Paris Hilton back to jail, reversing a decision by the Los Angeles County sheriff to release her and keep her under house arrest after she had served only three days of a 45-day sentence. Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer said that Ms. Hilton will have to serve the entire sentence he had handed down last month for repeatedly violating the terms of her probation on alcohol-related reckless driving charges stemming from an incident last year. As Ms. Hilton was led away to await her trip back to jail, she turned to her parents and said, “It’s not right!” The Associated Press reported.

The hearing had been delayed for more than an hour after Ms. Hilton and her lawyers insisted that she be allowed to talk to the judge by telephone, instead of appearing in person. The judge would not allow it, and ordered a sheriff’s deputy to drive to Ms. Hilton’s mansion in the Hollywood Hills, where she was handcuffed and brought in. As Ms. Hilton was driven back to court, her trip followed by news helicopters, she cried in the back seat of the police cruiser. When she entered the courtroom, where her parents were also waiting, she broke down and sobbed. Sheriff Lee Baca set off a furor in legal circles and beyond when his office announced on Thursday that Ms. Hilton would be allowed out of jail and instead put under house arrest because of an unspecified “medical condition.” The city attorney who prosecuted her case, Rocky Delgadillo, said it was a case of preferential treatment for a celebrity. He asked the judge to order Ms. Hilton back to jail and asked the sheriff’s department to show why it should not be held in contempt of court for letting her go in the first place.

I don’t even like the ho, and even I think it’s fucked up that she was released and now has to go back! That’s just some effed up mess. I know her ass was excited yesterday when she got to go home, and now she has to go back … 24 hours later. They’re just playing with homegirl’s emotions. It ain’t right, but it sure is funny as hell!

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