R Kelly & Usher - “Same Girl” Videoshoot R Kelly & Usher - “Same Girl” Videoshoot

Once in a lifetime do two mega stars come together. Rarely do such people put aside difference and ego and show the bravery and confidence needed to do something together. And when it happens the people stop, listen and watch. For a moment the world stops and the fans love every moment of it. This song is a fun twist of fate. Rarely do we hear the fellas tell of being two timed and played. Never out the mouths of sex symbols like R. Kelly and Usher. But here they are. Saying it for the world to hear. Some woman has gotten the best of both of them (what she look like?). The video plays it all out for us to see what we hear, with a little twist at the end that we don’t hear on the record…

Now before you start giving me the side-eye, I didn’t write that! Lmao, the “good folk” over at Sony BMG appear to have overly exaggerated a couple of photos of two arrogant muhfuckas on the set of their new video. Can’t knock the hustle though! I wonder how the video’s gonna turn out, cause the song is fiyah! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see 😉

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