Shemar Moore Arrested for DUISHEMAR MOORE ARRESTED FOR DUI » We’ve got one more celebrity to add to “the list!” I mean really, what’s going on here? Is it just now that celebrities are actually getting caught, or are they really just not giving a damn lately? Drinking and driving is serious. Now when someone gets killed over some shit like this, then people are really gonnna have something to say. Anyhow, Shemar Moore was caught driving under the influence Friday morning (?) after he was pulled over at around 1 A.M. for going 65 MPH.

“Mr. Moore displayed signs of alcohol impairment and a DUI investigation was conducted,” according to the CHP arrest report.

He was arrested a half hour later and taken to a nearby station where he took a breath test and was later booked, and released on $5,000 bail. Telephone messages left for Moore’s representative were not immediately returned today, but he is due in court June 26. Damn…

Beyonce Leaving “Club Paper” in London Beyonce Leaving “Club Paper” in London Beyonce Leaving “Club Paper” in London Beyonce Leaving “Club Paper” in London

BEYONCE OUT CLUBBING IN LONDON » After her show at the Wembley, Beyonce and her crew stopped by “Club Paper” in London for an evening of unsolicited fun! After all was said and done, she and her assistant/cousin Angie hopped back into the car, while Beyonce made sure the paparazzi didn’t get snapshots of her va-jay-jay (dammit!) It sucks though because the one person worth seeing ain’t lettin that happen! Mama Tina raised her well… I guess.

REAL OR FAKE? AKON THROWS WHITE KID OFF THE STAGE … LITERALLY! » A rather questionable video of another Akon-fan-stage encounter has surfaced on the devil’s workshop aka Youtube! From what I can gather in the video, Akon was talking to an audience at KFEST (whatever that is) and some white kid threw an object towards Akon. He got “heated” and told the audience to point him out, which they did, of course. Security brought him on stage while Akon procedeed to take off his wifebeater. He then picked up the kid and threw him back into the crowd while they laughed, and the show went on. I wouldn’t have thought anything about it .. had I seen THIS video! The first video cuts off after the bodyslam into the crowd, the but the second video continues on into a performance of “Lonely” where Akon procedeed to say “Ok, now I feel lonely…” Sounds pretty damn fake to me! What do you think??

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