According to various news outlets, Paris Hilton apparantly checked herself into an LA county jail last night at approximately 10:30 PM pacific. Damn Paris, did Sarah Silverman hurt your poor little feelings THAT bad?? I know you’re all asking the same burning question I’ve been asking all day long … why the hell did she check in a whole day early? Well apparantly, her lawyer wanted it to be a “safe” transitition into the penitentiary without hundreds (or even thousands … forreal) of photographers and media outlets posted up outside trying to catch a glimpse of the loose vagina socialite. Nobody knew about this, except for that damn TMZ! They’re everywhere you’re not! ….. Anyhow, I know she ruined some poor paparazzo’s day. She was supposed to be out and about enjoying her last few hours of free sunshine, but NOOO the bitch had to check in a day early to get in good with the warden. I ain’t buyin it. See ya in 23 days paris!

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