Radio DJ Says Tracy Morgan Innapropriately “Groped” Her 

Weeks before Tracy Morgan is due to begin wearing a court-ordered ankle bracelet that monitors the amount of alcohol in his system, the actor was accused Friday morning (5/11) of being drunk while getting a little too handsy with a South Florida disc jockey. Yuleika De Castro, whose on-air name is Sandy Domingo, filed a misdemeanor battery complaint against the comedian. She told Miramar Police she felt “dirty” and “violated” after Morgan, reeking of booze, touched her shoulders and arms, and kissed the back of her head. “He said he wants to impregnate me,” De Castro told The Associated Press. De Castro said she pushed him away and he was escorted out of the studio by the people he came with, according to Miramar Police Department spokesman Bill Robertson.

Morgan, a co-star on NBC sitcom “30 Rock,” was in town to perform standup at the Improv Comedy Club in Coconut Grove. His Friday and Saturday night shows were canceled, said Isis Darios, who works in the box office. Club officials wouldn’t say why [but it’s pretty obvious — Dustin]. The Broward County State Attorney’s Office says it will decide whether to file charges against Morgan once the police report is complete. As previously reported, the comedian pleaded guilty in February to a misdemeanor drunken driving charge in New York. Morgan agreed to a plea deal last month that allowed him to avoid jail by wearing a SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) device — an ankle bracelet worn to test for alcohol vapors emitted from the skin. The tests will run every 30 minutes for 90 days.

One positive test will result in a repeat of the 90 days. If he fails a second time he’ll be forced to spend 30 days in a county jail. Morgan will also have to complete five days of community service. He previously pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor impaired driving charge in Los Angeles and was sentenced to 36 months’ probation, fined $390 and ordered to attend an alcohol education program … Damn Tracy!

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