Foxy Brown Almost Runs Down Mother & Baby in Brooklyn! 

Foxy Brown seems to be up to her wild antics. This time, she allegedly came close to running down a mother and her baby in Brooklyn recently. According to the New York Daily News, a young mother claimed that Foxy Brown, in a silver Range Rover, almost ran her down along with her baby in a stroller.

“I jumped back, pulling the stroller, and yelled at the driver, ‘You should watch where you’re going!'” she told the rapper. “She cursed at me and proceeded to drive down Prospect Place.”

The mother, who remains anonymous, said she called the police, who later arrived, but said there wasn’t much they could do because Foxy didn’t actually hit her. Even though the mother and baby weren’t hit, they should have never been in that predicament in the first place. Why? Because Foxy Brown actually shouldn’t have been behind the wheel! The DMV later confirmed with the Daily News that the rapper’s driver’s license is currently revoked for her failing to respond to summonses. And that’s a damn shame because if she had’ve killed someone she could’ve just kissed her “career” or whatever’s left of it good-bye. And what’s up with her cussing the lady out?? SHE was in the wrong…

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