Busta Rhymes .. BUSTED! on charges of DUI…………….

What the “bloody” hell? (end fake ass English accent) Not even a week after hearing about Eve being locked in the slammer for a minute for driving drunk, Busta Rhymes’ broke ass decides HE wants to join the elite club of drunk celebrities getting caught behind the wheel. Apparantly, he was arrested on suspicion of drink driving in New York Thursday morning. The star was stopped by officers at around 12:40am because his SUV had “overly tinted windows,” but suspected he had been drinking after smelling alcohol on Busta’s breath, police reports have confirmed. A police officer told reporters: “There was a strong odor of alcohol on his breath.”

Busta, 34, was taken into custody on a charge of driving while impaired. His lawyer Scott Leemon declined to comment, stating he would address the matter officially in court. An arraignment was expected to take place yesterday afternoon. The incident marks Busta’s latest in a series of run-ins with the law over the past year. The star is set to appear in court next week on two assault charges dating from February. A representative for Busta has not yet commented.

Overly tinted windows? That’s effed up! They probably had nothin better to do and had to meet that quota for the day and decided to pull him over for some BS like that. Too bad homeboi was drunk though. Just a damn shame…

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