Killa Kell “R Kellys Brother” Interview Is R-Kelly really a pedaphile? His songs like up in closet, are some of the songs where r kelly hides his past. See Pt 1 and pt 2 of the video to see the truth! Here are some key points what R-Kelly’s Brother Says: Reason why hes tellin this tell all rkelly story, is because it got to his kids. a) He Helped wrote songs for Rkelly, yet his brother is still in the hood. All this money Rkelly got and still he leaves his blood brother behind? Is that real b)Rob aka R Kelly fucked with his 12 yr old cousin and tried to mess with his brother’s neice c) Was R-kelly was jealous of his own brother’s talent? d)R-kelly dont give a fuck bout his fans, Says His brother e)R kelly is a control freak. and he clears up rumors bout the R kelly sex Tape f)On one of R Kellys Song called – “Aint number but a number”, His Brother says Rkelly got a problem and been saying it on his songs, and if system let him off, they bogus, cause he will do it again. e) Rkelly asked his brother to lie for him on court, and since he disagreed. Rkelly said he aint his brother no more f)R Kelly’s Brother’s Daughter got jumped on by 15 girls, because of rkelly sex tape. Big ups to Nick at World Star Hip Hop for the tip!

Side Note:
Michael Jackon Gets Prank Called – Ralphige Pretends to Be AKON AND MICHAEL BELIEVES IT! LMFAO

  • Michael Jackson Gets Prank Call
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