Ok, so recently on Sunday night 60 Minutes did a “ground breaking” special with Anderson Cooper on this “snitching phenomenon” breaking into the homes of the African-American community where he interviewed rapper Cam’Ron… OK???… I understand the whole “NO SNITCHIN” thing sweeping people across this good nation but I do believe there is a fine line verses “street cred” and “album sales” what Mr. Cam’Ron stated but uhhh…. What “street cred”??? I find it oh so interesting how some artist talk about “keepin’ it real” and being a gangsta when they from the damn suburbs and ain’t nowhere near “HOOD” as they claim and HELL! What “album sells”??? I highly doubt any individual from the “HOOD” would even purchase such mess in record stores or online on account of bootlegging… So, wouldn’t that hurt your “album sales”? It really wouldn’t make a difference to tell you the truth so I ask…


Who are the people who keep getting rich off of this as we stay broke?

Who are the people behind the artist pushing, perpetuating if you will, malevolence and ignorance upon others?

Who are the people laughing at us (black people) after watching this right now?

Where the fuck is BET asses?? Who owns BET??? Exactly.

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