The “Shoot the Rapper” banner ad (shown above) that I have frequently spotted on MySpace is really starting to erk me now in a way, it just started popping up more and more ever since I’ve placed that link (also shown above) from my dedication post to the Virgina Tech victims up there. I just ignored it at first, but now I’m seeing more and more people complaining about this issue, one blogger who saw the ad while looking at the profile of a Virginia Tech victim said, “I was looking at one student’s MySpace profile, and noticed the rotating banner ad: ‘Shoot the Rapper, win $5,000.‘ I hope MySpace deletes the ad soon.” Shawn Gold, CMO of MySpace said that banner ads on MySpace aren’t placed contextually and so whatever is happening is random, “That’s a random network ad that runs throughout out site, and it’s not connected contextually because we don’t place banner ads contextually on MySpace,” said Gold. “It’s inappropriate if the ads are running on those profiles, and we can eliminate them from our network if that’s the case.” – Read More Here

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