Exclusive Interview with MTV Stars “Taquita & Kaui”

Former “Making the Band online cialis 3” Contenders Take Their Dreams of Fame to Las Vegas » Think2wice was recently on location at the MTV Studios to meet with the new divas of MTV, Taquita and Kaui. “Taquita & Kaui” MTV’s new reality series features two girls who met on MTV’s hit series “Making The Band 3.” unfortunately the girls didn’t make the final cut but they’ve since become the best of friends. Now they’re ready to give showbiz another try.

Taquita and Kaui are now on the verge to stardom as they create a buzz on their new hit series “Taquita & Kaui” which airs every Monday at 10:30 PM. Check out a brief interview with the girls from our PR Manager Jeff Lopez (courtesy of MTV & Viacom Networks).

Taquita & KauiT2W: How do you guys feel about the recent success of your hit series?

T&K: We are very excited and greatful

T2W: What was it like performing in front of a large crowd with your Mariah Carey and Tina Turner characters?

T&K: It made our bond of friendship stronger, we learned about respect and we are very greatful for that.

T2W: What did you both enjoyed doing the most singin or dancing?

Taquita: I enjoyed acting more, I want to go more into acting.
Kaui: I liked singing more because it was fun, I mean, It wasn’t an oscar role but it was fun.

Taquita & KauiT2W: Why would you recommend viewers to see this series?

T&K: It is a true friendship, we are underdogs, and we are ready to take over Las Vegas. Fans can learn and relate to us, it is very inspiring and real.

T2W: Tell the viewers a snippet about the next episode.

T&K: We get a new job, an acting gig where we have to go outside the city, it was very interesting and artistic. Taquita plays the mother’s role and I play the daughter.


Interview Conducted by: Jeff Lopez
Photos by: Quick Imaging
Celebrity Photographer: “Q”
MTV Networks, Publicty Dept.

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