April Fool of the Week: Sanjaya’s Sister! 

Wow, those Malakars just can’t stay away from the AFW posts can they? This week’s featured Fool is none-other than Sanjaya’s twin looking 10 kinds of sexy in this naked pic of her holding a guitar. Yes guys, she is butt ass nekkid. Okay she’s not really his twin but you can’t deny the striking resemblance! The only difference is one has boobs, and one doesn’t! (Really BIG ones at that!) Oh, another difference is one got picked for American Idol, and the other didn’t! Lol did you know she used to work at HOOTERS? But neither one of them can stay away from the limelight I see. Could this be a factor as to why this guy STILL hasn’t been voted off of American Idol? OH yeah, if you didn’t know now, the Indians have ruled out the “Indian Call Center” factor .. THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO THE KID IS!! Take that central intelligence! And is it just me or does she look like a healthier version of Nicole Richie??? Shit, it’s whatever .. I’d still hit! Would you?? By the way, DOES ANYONE KNOW HER NAME??

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