Simon Doesn’t Have Enough Meat for PaulaSimon Doesn’t Have Enough Meat for Paula
American Idol star Paula Abdul insists she would never sleep with her fellow judge Simon Cowell because his manhood isn’t big enough. The singer has a love/hate relationship with English music mogul Cowell, but insists she doesn’t find him attractive. When TV host David Letterman declared Cowell believed Abdul wants to have sex with him, she laughed it off. Abdul says, “You are right about that. But that will never happen – because his nickname is ‘Small Ben’.”

Carmen Electra “Hates the Sea” ??Carmen Electra “Hates the Sea” ??
Carmen Electra found life on the set of Baywatch traumatic because she has a fear of water. Electra played lifeguard Lani McKenzie alongside Pamela Anderson in the hit series, but admits her time on the show was hampered by her hatred of the sea. She says, “I wasn’t the greatest swimmer in the world. It wasn’t easy trying to look good with the water getting in my eyes and up my nose.”

Chris Rock Wants to See “The Right Women” Without PantiesChris Rock Wants to See “The Right Women” Without Panties
Funnyman Chris Rock is all for the trend of female stars hitting clubs without their underwear – as long as it’s the right women. The comedian was far from shocked when he saw recent images of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears flashing their genitals in paparazzi shots, and he thinks more sexy stars should reveal all. He tells Maxim magazine, “I’m all for it. But what’s the skirt for? Take off the skirt. You’re in the gym all day, just go ass-out. But how come none of the girls I really want to see aren’t wearing panties? Where’s the Beyonce no-panty shot? Halle? Kerry Washington?”

Bernie Mac Retiring from the StageBernie Mac Retiring from the Stage
Bernie Mac is quitting stand-up comedy after releasing one final special, which will mark the 30th anniversary of his first paid performance. The funnyman is tired of life on the road and insists comedy isn’t as fun as it was when he started out, so he’s planning to sign off with one more movie, The Whole Truth, Nothing But The Truth, So Help Me Mac. The beloved star says, “I’m gonna put it in the theatres and it’ll be 30 years for me, and I’m gonna call it. I’m still gonna do my producing, my films (acting), but I’m wanna enjoy my life a little bit. I missed a lot of things. “I was a street performer for two years, I went in clubs in 1977, I was selling out 15 and 10,000 seaters (venues) and no one knew (who I was); I was the best-kept secret. (But) you live in all these hotels. I was on the road 47 weeks out of the year… It’s tiresome and today you have to fight to tell a joke.”

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