Hide the Chillun! Britney’s Comin Out of Rehab! 

Chillun = children. The troubled bald “toxic” singer Britney Spears is set to leave rehab sometime this week, and some are saying that she’s made the biggest comebacks in rehab history! — Whatever that means — Some are saying she’s got her shit together and is ready to face the world again. TMZ reports that Britney Spears and K-Fed have even already come to terms on physical custody of the two kids, giving Spears back primary custody when she’s back on her feet. An inside source tells the site, “Britney has literally turned her life around.” Apparently, the turnaround for Britney has nothing to do with Spears’ former beau, Justin Timberlake. A few sites reported today that Britney Spears has literally begged Justin Timberlake to come and visit her at Promises before she leaves. Monsters and Critics reports that Britney Spears has smuggled a phone into Promises and has been making secret calls to JT.

A source told The Star, “She was hiding in a closet and talking to a guy named Justin, probably Justin Timberlake. She was talking to him about coming to support her at a group Alcoholics Anonymous meeting on Wednesday march 7 in Santa Monica. She kept saying ‘Come on Justin, please, please, please come!’ She was begging him!”

Whatever the case, I think she should keep her crazy ass in that so-called “rehab center” where they give her 24 cans of Coca-Cola everyday and listen in on her desperate phone conversations for at least another month. Who knows what she’ll do out here .. in the real world .. amongst people .. and children .. and our pets .. and whatever else one can think of… Think2wice people .. that’s all I’m saying, THINK2WICE!

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