This isn’t much of a surprise really. Former B.E.T. Producer Dbrad has put up a series of videos, Confessions of a B.E.T. Producer, on his MySpace page where he talks about how things work at B.E.T. behind the scenes, who didn’t already know this? But anyway, it basically confirms that B.E.T. is a sellout and dumbing our [Black] culture down for lucrative royalties, no matter how many times people call into 106 and Park to vote their favorite videos – the videos will probably never see the light of day on account of the authoritarians who work there at B.E.T. (Black Exploited Television)…

UPDATE: This BET commercial, one of the examples as to why BET needs to do better then this, was spotted at C&D

He says, “106 and Park dictates to you what ten videos are going to play on the countdown. I don’t even know why people waste their time calling, all you’re doing is giving B.E.T. money, they don’t listen to you… Once Bob Johnson left the producers lost the ability to say, ‘hey! This artist is hot…’ Now an artist can only get on if forty-seven year old Steven Hill and his forty-seven year old Creative Director and his square video programing [BET] decides…”

LOL! You have to WATCH the video documentry for yourself to get the in depth details as to why he feels this way, I agree with what he’s saying, I understand where he’s coming from and that is why I rarely watch B.E.T. anymore, It’s all commercial now, falsified B.S. Don’t they see they are losing the true essence as to why Bob Johnson started this network? He, Dbrad, also goes on to talk about some stories of some gay love affairs that took place amongst those at B.E.T., you have to watch it. I think you have to be logged in to Myspace to view the videos but you can also see the full part series posted up at Highbrid Nation, by the way… Hip-hop is deeeeeeeeeead!

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