Are You Proud of JHud?? Burger King Sholl’ Is!!

Oscar-Winner Jennifer Hudson has been given free Burger King meals for life. One of Jennifer’s first ever jobs was at the drive-thru window of a South Chicago outlet – and in thanks for the good publicity, the fast food giant has given her an endless supply of complimentary food. The company made the announcement after a recent spat between Jennifer and Simon Cowell. Jennifer responded to Simon’s criticism of her not thanking the show enough for launching her career. She said: “If I’d been any better at my job when I was at Burger King in my middle teens I wouldn’t be here either, so should I thank them too?” – haha, good one!!

In other JHud news, she is in line to play 1/3 of Aretha Franklin. No, seriously she is!

Aretha was overheard talking about Jennifer at the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Monday night. But she was a little more guarded when speaking to Access Hollywood, saying:

“The producers want to know how I feel about it, about her playing me. What I’d like to see is three different people playing me.” She added: “Perhaps someone playing me from the age of 25 to about 40 and then someone else beyond that.” (nice save Aretha, nice save!)