Lindsay Lohan Hit a Photographer! 

I swear, lol, somethin is seriously wrong with this girl! After a long night out on the town with some friends, she ran into a paparazzo with her BMW. After the incident, Lohan got out of her car and into her bodyguards black SUV, which is not surprising at all! While Lindsay left the scene with her bodyguard, an ambulance came and the photographer was taken to the hospital where he was treated for a bruised knee and released. This bitch can’t drive .. she needs her license taken away from her ASAP. The first few times, okay .. everyone makes mistakes. But this is beginning to be a habit! Check out video footage Here.

INF claims that Arnold was standing in front of Lohan’s BMW when the Mean Girl flipped it into reverse and then drive, knocking him down. The photographer ended up at St. Vincent’s Hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries. “She got out of the car to look at Giovanni on the ground as she’s talking to a cop, and then she’s allowed to leave,” said Dawn Leikness, INF sales director. The other photographers there threw a fit that she was allowed to leave. The cops then asked her friends to call her to come back, and she came back.” NYPD detectives were still probing the incident but seemed to believe Lohan, sources said.

Well, we all know how that goes! It’s their word against hers, blah blah blah, and no one likes the paparazzi so it’s obvious that the po-po will believe anyone over them. But I’m on the paparazzi’s side on this one! She needs to be locked up and thrown into an institution … immediately!

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